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Z is a British chef with management experience in the sectors of food and hospitality, health and wellness, and event production.

Z has over 10 years of experience working as a Chef, as well as a Catering Director and Food consultant both within private households, and for restaurants and catering services.

Z is confident working in fully staffed households as well as on her initiative. Z can coordinate junior kitchen staff. She particularly enjoys creating meals for young people, as she knows how important it is to feed and nourish young minds.

Z is a breath of fresh air! Her passion for her job shines through. She can cook different cuisines and styles, as well as vegetarian, vegan, raw, meals and plan menus and cook for clients with dietary restrictions

 “Z would cook meals for the whole family for us to leave in the fridge, as well as detox programmes for my husband and I. Recently, Z cooked an exquisite meal for guests on my 50th birthday, that was most memorable.”

 “She excelled in all areas, largely down to her meticulous planning and organisation, as well as her creative eye.”


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