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Most babies at some time in their lives will have problems with sleeping or falling back to sleep. Baby sleep training is a valuable tool to addressing this problem. 

There are many methods for sleep training babies, and we have specialist baby sleep trainers who can offer help and baby sleep training advice as well as teaching and guiding parents on how to fix the issue.  We advise all clients to have a discussion with a few maternity nurses to understand the different methods and whether you would feel comfortable following them. 


Sleep trainers will normally work between 3 and 7 nights in order to sort out sleeping problems. Some may suggest a day-time consultation too.

Salary expectations

baby sleep trainer will charge £20 per hour upwards for a single baby. 

Twins rates will be higher.

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Maternity Nurse, Night Nurse, Sleep Training
Location: Kensington, London Multiple
Maternity Nurse, Night Nurse, Sleep Training


What qualifications does a maternity nurse need?
Open What qualifications does a maternity nurse need?

There are a number of qualifications a maternity nurse may have including:

  • Maternity Practitioner Award - Level 4 (ONC accredited)
  • Maternity Practitioner Award - Level 3 (OCN accredited)
  • Breastfeeding Course - Level 3 (OCN accredited)
  • Sleep Training Course - Level 3 (OCN accredited)
How long does it take to hire a maternity nurse?
Open How long does it take to hire a maternity nurse?

The average time from start to finish is 2-4 weeks.

The Signature Staff team spend a considerable amount of time and effort drawing up a shortlist of candidates who represent the best-fit for your household based upon both your maternity care requirements and their skill-set and personality.

Further time needs to be allowed for the schedules of both the client and candidates for interviews.

What are the best maternity nurse interview questions?
Open What are the best maternity nurse interview questions?
  • Please outline your maternity care qualifications.
  • Why do you enjoy working in maternity care?
  • What makes you a good maternity nurse?
  • Are you happy to educate me about my baby?
  • What is your chosen approach to routines?
  • When do you normally manage to get a baby sleeping through the night?
  • Will you support me if I change my mind about routine?
  • Are you happy to share a room with the baby?
  • Do you have experience helping breastfeeding mothers?
  • Can you give advice on diet and breastfeeding?
  • Are you willing to support with night feeds?
  • Can you give advice on expressing breast milk and how to store it?
  • Do you expect meals or are you happy to cook for yourself?
  • Are you happy to give the family some alone time?
  • Do you have any dietary requirements?
  • Will you be happy to make cups of tea or food for the family occasionally and help with some household chores such as the washing up?
  • Do you intend to stay in the house on your days off or go home?
  • Do you expect your own tv?

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