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This live-out nanny position can be either sole charge, with both parents in fulltime work, or shared charge, where one or both parents remains at home and the nanny works alongside them.

They can work with children from newborn upwards.

Duties may include arranging age appropriate activities and outings, cooking meals, keeping playroom/bedroom tidy, overseeing homework, children’s laundry and ironing, maintaining routines and providing feedback to parents.


live out nanny can either work parttime or fulltime.  

full-time position will be 5 days per week, of 10 – 11 hours per day (typically 8am-6pm), with weekends free. 

A parttime live out nanny can work from 4 hours per day or a few days per week. 

They do not babysit as part of their standard duties. 

Salary expectations

live out nanny salary, working 5 days per week, would typically be between £38,700 – £55,000 gross per annum. 

A parttime live out nanny will expect to earn between £16 and £18 gross per hour. 

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Live-In, Live-Out, Rota Nanny, Temporary Nanny
Location: Kensington, London Europe
Live-In, Live-Out, Rota Nanny, Temporary Nanny
Live-Out, Temporary Nanny
Location: Kensington, London London
Live-Out, Temporary Nanny


What qualities make a good nanny?
Open What qualities make a good nanny?
  • Ability to engage children
  • Discipline and patience with children
  • Organisational skills
  • Flexiblity
  • Easy to live alongside (if live-in nanny)
  • Ability to cope in an emergency
  • Reliability, honesty, and trustworthiness
What is the difference between a live-in nanny and live-out nanny?
Open What is the difference between a live-in nanny and live-out nanny?

Both live-in and live-out nannies would have similar respective experiences and qualifications.

A live-in nanny would either live with the family in their home or she would have separate accommodation provided for her which would include food and all household bills being paid.

A live-out nanny would arrive for work early in the morning and leave in the evening at the agreed time stated on her contract of employment and would provide her own accommodation at no cost to the family.

What are the best nanny interview questions?
Open What are the best nanny interview questions?
  • What is your current position and why do you want to leave?
  • Please outline your childcare qualifications?
  • Have you ever had a period without a job? If so, why?
  • How do you like to balance work and life?
  • How would you make meal time/ bath time/ homework time more enjoyable for a child who doesn’t like it?
  • Why did you choose to get into childcare?
  • What do you think makes you a fantastic nanny?
  • Our children are X and X, how would you entertain them?
  • Have you ever looked after a fussy eater? How did you work with them to encourage them to try new things?
  • Do you have experience with weaning, potty training, table-manners, reading and writing?
  • Have you cooked evening meals regularly in your past jobs or at home? Did you enjoy this aspect of the role?
  • If I needed you to cook a certain meal, would you need to follow a recipe/ instructions?
  • Are you comfortable managing difficult situations with children?
  • Our expectation is that within your role you would complete certain duties. Are there any duties outlined in the job description that you aren’t happy to undertake?
  • Sometimes there could be additional babysitting required. Are you happy to babysit?

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