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There are few maternity nurses who specialise in offering phone and e-mail support packages for clients who don’t necessarily want someone in their house, but still need extra guidance.

These maternity nurse packages cover advice on a wide range of topics including; routine, weaning, sleep training, troubleshooting, postnatal depression help and general advice.


Packages provided will vary from person to person but can include a home visit, followed by email and phone guidance.

Salary expectations

A maternity nurse consultant will typically charge £250 minimum per package which will usually provide a minimum of 10 hours consulting.

Twins rates will be higher than quoted above.

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What is the difference between a maternity nurse and a nanny?
Open What is the difference between a maternity nurse and a nanny?

Maternity nurses are trained to look after newborn babies and infants so their tenure with a family tends to be of short duration. They work longer shifts than nannies with many being on call for 24 hours, 6 days a week. They are self-employed unlike nannies who are employed by the family.

Nannies, on the other hand, look after infants aged 3 months and older and their contracts are long-term. Nannies work 10-12 hours per day for 5 or 6 days per week. Typically a nanny doesn’t do night duties, although they are often prepared to babysit if given sufficient notice.

How long does it take to hire a maternity nurse?
Open How long does it take to hire a maternity nurse?

The average time from start to finish is 2-4 weeks.

The Signature Staff team spend a considerable amount of time and effort drawing up a shortlist of candidates who represent the best-fit for your household based upon both your maternity care requirements and their skill-set and personality.

Further time needs to be allowed for the schedules of both the client and candidates for interviews.

What qualifications does a maternity nurse need?
Open What qualifications does a maternity nurse need?

There are a number of qualifications a maternity nurse may have including:

  • Maternity Practitioner Award - Level 4 (ONC accredited)
  • Maternity Practitioner Award - Level 3 (OCN accredited)
  • Breastfeeding Course - Level 3 (OCN accredited)
  • Sleep Training Course - Level 3 (OCN accredited)

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