Hire a maternity nurse

A maternity nurse (or maternity assistant) is expected to be responsible for all aspects of a baby’s life, and to help the mother make a full recovery following the baby’s birth. 

They will be there to help and advise the mother in looking after the baby, offering breast feeding help and support to establish a good sleep pattern.  

They will also generally be responsible for all nursery duties relating to the baby. This includes their laundry and ironing, ensuring the baby’s nursery and bathroom is neat and tidy and sterilising any equipmentMost maternity nurses will also prepare light meals and drinks for the mother during the day. 


Maternity nurses typically start work at or around the due-date and will work for average 6-12 weeks though this could vary dependant on the client’s needs.  

They usually work on a 24 hour basis, traditionally for 6 days a week, however more and more families are now interested in a 5 or 5½ day option. This allows for family bonding and time to “practice” what the maternity nurse has suggested. 

Salary expectations

A Maternity nurse is self-employed and will set her own rate of pay. 

A 24 hour maternity nurse will expect to earn £200 – £270+ gross per day for a single baby. 

Rates for a twins maternity nurse or triplets maternity nurse will be higher. 


How long should I book a maternity nurse for?
Open How long should I book a maternity nurse for?

The average is a 6-12 week booking for maternity assistance, though could be as short as for a 2 week period and as long as an 18 week period.

What qualifications does a maternity nurse need?
Open What qualifications does a maternity nurse need?

There are a number of qualifications a maternity nurse may have including:

  • Maternity Practitioner Award - Level 4 (ONC accredited)
  • Maternity Practitioner Award - Level 3 (OCN accredited)
  • Breastfeeding Course - Level 3 (OCN accredited)
  • Sleep Training Course - Level 3 (OCN accredited)
What is the appropriate start date for a maternity nurse?
Open What is the appropriate start date for a maternity nurse?

Most maternity nurses commence the role at or around the due date of the baby.

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