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Maternity Care

Maternity nurse

Originally from France, but having much maternity nurse experience in London, R is fantastic and knowledgeable with new-borns and young babies.

R has experience with twins and is excellent at providing support with helping baby get into a suitable routine.

R is an outstanding maternity nurse for new mums as well as those families with twins and looking for someone who is dependable and trustworthy.

R is soft spoken and gentle. He calming nature is a pleasure to be around, especially for a new mum. She knows kindness and patience throughout her work she undertakes.

“R instantly installed a sense of calm in the house and gently helped us to put son into a loose routine, which we were able to build on when she left.” – 2020

“R has extensive experience and that really showed in her confident approach to settling our daughter and helping me feed her.” – 2019


Maternity Care

Maternity Nurse






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1577 – TI

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