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A and B are newly registered on our books and have worked together as a couple for over 20 years.

Their main expertise lie in: all areas of housekeeping, cooking, taking care of pets, all areas of maintenance (including pool and internal household etc), driving, gardening, growing vegetables to cook with, security, managing staff as well as managing expenses and hiring staff.

They ran a farm restaurant together from 2017-2023, with A in charge of all cooking and kitchen management, whilst B took on the front of house role and managed all waiting staff. Within this role they gained a wealth of experience from overseeing the building of the restaurant, budgeting, dealing with contractors, front of house, hosting, creating menus, sourcing stock, managing the day to day running’s, creating rotas, hiring staff and mucking in wherever was needed.

A and B couldn’t be easier to deal with, they come across as a very hands on, approachable and understand the expectations of what is required of them within a household


Domestic Couple

Household Staff

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12440 – AM

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