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A has been on our books as a chef for many years but recently approached us about domestic couple roles with his partner B. We have had the pleasure to meet the couple in person, and can vouch that they are incredibly warm, professional and polite.

A’s main skill is cooking – they are the most fantastic chef and very passionate about their craft. A is a slightly younger and very easy going.

B has had lots of FOH and management experience and therefore makes for an excellent teammate in the kitchen with A, not to mention in other areas of the house such as housekeeping, service and general household organisation.

A and B are a young couple with lots of energy so a busy household with various ages does not phase them.

We placed A and B with a long standing private client of ours in the France for a month where they were required to cook for the client and their guests, as well as conduct housekeeping duties, do all the food shopping and be a helping hand around the villa whenever the client might require it. The couple received glowing feedback from our client due to their personable and hard working demeanour and not to mention superb team spirit.

Hence, A and B are now keen to find a position they can settle into and grow with together as they feel they thrive in a working environment alongside one another.


Domestic Couple

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