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***POSITION FILLED*** Ongoing Temporary Private Chef - London/Oxfordshire

A family of 4 is looking for a highly creative, health-conscious chef to cook for them two Fridays a month.

The ideal chef will have a wealth of knowledge in cooking for specialised diets and working with UHNW clients. The family are seeking a restaurant quality chef with extremely high standards and the ability to accommodate various diets and tastes.

You will be required to plan menus and prepare food for the family for their weekends in London or Oxfordshire. They require a flexible chef who is willing to be independent, but also able to adapt to the principles’ needs. The family are real ‘foodies’ and have a varied palate, so the ability to cook top-quality innovative dishes is crucial.

The family are hoping for a chef who is clean and tidy, with a confident attitude in the kitchen.  The ideal candidate will be friendly and fun and will have a strong work ethic.

This role will start off as a fridge-filling position, with the opportunity to progress towards catering for dinner parties for various numbers as well as travelling in the summer to the family’s villa.

Please see detailed summary below:  

  • Location: Between Notting Hill & Oxfordshire
  • Hours/Days of Work: Bi-monthly – 2 Fridays/month (one in London, the other in Oxfordshire) plus additional dinner parties and travel with the family from time to time
  • Numbers: Family of 4
  • Style of food: Extremely healthy. All food to be organic and everything made from scratch using locally sourced produce. Chef must have a keen interest in nutrition and various diets. The successful chef must also be able to handle a variety of cuisine, with Persian and Middle Eastern food being particular favourites.
  • Notes: The family love to eat at Coal, Farmacy, Granger & Co and 6 Portland Road
  • Experience: High-end restaurant quality chef with years of experience working within UHNW households – amazing presentation skills and able to accommodate everyone in the family. You must also be organised and keep a clean and ordered kitchen.  
  • Requirements: You must be a driver to travel up to Oxfordshire at least one Friday a month
  • Rate: approx. £350-£400 to fill the fridge for the weekend twice a month initially

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£350 - £400 per month

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***POSITION FILLED *** Ongoing Temporary Private Chef – London/Oxfordshire

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A family of 4 is looking for a highly creative, health-conscious chef to cook two Fridays a month.

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