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L is a Norland qualified nanny, with over 9 years of experience. She is passionate about childcare, and in her spare time, she enjoys singing, dancing, travelling and skiing.

L has experience looking after babies, toddlers and school age children; She is knowledgeable and experienced with all stages of development, and proactive in planning and organising fun and educational activities. 

L enjoys working for busy London families, she is amazing at bonding with the children, and highly trusted and appreciated by her previous employers.

L is a sweet, kind, caring and nurturing nanny. She is professional and likeable, and highly recommended by her previous families.

“She was great, amazing, any family would be incredibly lucky to have her.”– 2020

“As a nanny her approach to the children was a perfect combination of caring and nurturing coupled with discipline and education.”– 2016




Norland Nanny





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