Experienced Nanny

J is an extremely experienced nanny and has cared for babies and children from new-born up to 12 years old. She has worked as a night nanny and has cared for twins.

J has worked in positions providing sole care, shared care as well as working with children who have special needs. She is full of ideas when it comes to cooking healthy meals and planning menus.

J is perfect for clients wanting peace of mind when it comes to having an experienced nanny who is capable of setting/maintaining routines and taking on all duties pertaining to the children.

J is enthusiastic and super organised. She is lovely to be around and is a fast learner.

“J is very professional, experienced and knowledgeable and provided some useful suggestions and reading material to help improve our feeding/sleep schedule.” – 2020

“J was very hard working and kind and able to work independently … very punctual, reliable and well organized.” – 2019







December 2020

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4314 – SZ

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