Maternity Nurse and Night Nurse

R trained as a nursery nurse and began working in childcare, based between Aberdeen and London she is now concentrating her career on maternity nursing.

R has experience working in nurseries and private households both as a nanny and maternity nurse. She has extensive experience working on a 24 hour basis.

R has worked all over the world for clients of all backgrounds. She is able to adjust her style to any household.

R is described as having a great sense of humour, always calm and organised but in a fun, engaging way for her the children in her care.

“R certainly had lots of knowledge that she was always willing to share. ”

“She was extremely calm, competent and very pro-active.”


Maternity Care

Maternity Nurse


Night Nurse

Temporary Nanny



Rest of UK


January 2021

Candidate Number

3445 – TI

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