Maternity and Night Nurse

With a degree in Disability Nursing and Social Work, L is passionate and caring candidate who consistently undertakes CPD courses to ensure her knowledge is always up to date.

L has extensive experience as a maternity nurse, caring for newborns and as a nanny caring for older children.

L has worked with families from many different backgrounds, and is incredibly caring respectful towards every culture.

A warm, caring and experience candidate, L would be wonderful asset to any family.

“I cannot recommend L enough. She is in a league of her own – top of her class”

“L will balance the needs of the family with newborns and ensuring that older siblings are included. We highly recommended her to any family!”


Maternity Care

Maternity Nurse


Night Nurse

Rota Nanny



Rest of UK


Middle East




Candidate Number

3020 – TI

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