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Housekeeper/ Carer

J is a highly skilled, Housekeeper/ Carer, who is dedicated to her career and takes great pride in her job. She loves animals and is happy to look after them as part of her role.

J has over 10 years of experience as a Housekeeper/ Carer, taking care of her principals in a professional and caring manner, while demonstrating an excellent work-ethic. Her housekeeping duties are outstanding, some of which are taking care of fine fabrics, antique polishing and wardrobe management.

J ’s client types include a long list of private and Royal households, as well as working on private Estates.

J is trustworthy, hardworking and thoughtful person, with clear passion for her job.

“J  is a loyal, kind and understanding soul and I cannot recommend her enough.” – 2019

“She always arrived on time and stayed until the job was completed. She seemed reliable and trustworthy. “ – 2019  


Household Staff




Rest of UK



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2427 – SZ

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