A is a professional, polished and academically focused teacher, governess and private tutor. She promotes the intellectual, physical and social development of children.

A has longevity in her roles, having worked as an English teacher, governess and a private tutor. In her last role, A was working as the Head of Child development.

A has experience working for international, private and VIP families in Europe, USA and Saudi Arabia. She has longevity in her roles, and would be a perfect fit for clients looking for a creative and resourceful person. 

A is a responsible, engaging, outgoing and caring person, with a great sense of humour. She enjoys hiking, swimming, cooking, reading and travelling.

“She loves books and encouraged all three of my children to read. She read to them before bed, assigned the older ones short stories to read and created a weekly dinner where we would talk about and analyse the stories they’d read.”– 2017

“I think she was good at her job because the kids learned new things and improved their grades. They learned some French words too and they became more confident.”– 2017








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1895 – SH

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