Norland Nanny

F is a Norland trained nanny who enjoys taking on new courses to further develop her career. She enjoys skiing, cooking and doing arts and crafts with the children.

F has experience working in school and nursery settings, as well as having multiple placements in a private, family setting during her studies. As part of her roles, F has looked after babies and pre-school age children.

F enjoys working for families looking for a kind, educated nanny, who encourage and support the children’s development in a loving and nurturing way.

F is a calm and gentle nanny, with a passion for childcare.

“F is very creative; she loves encouraging children to discover their inner artist through craft activities.”– 2020

“Yes, my son was happy and fine with her. She is good with arts and crafts and also very resourceful.”– 2020




Norland Nanny





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