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A is highly trained and qualified nanny, with a childcare career that has spanned over 20 years. A worked as a Nursery playroom co-ordinator, before becoming a private maternity nanny and governess.

A has experience in looking after babies, toddlers and school age children. She enables them to reach developmental milestones, organises schedules, implements healthy and tasty menus, sets boundaries, and promotes positive learning environments.

A has worked for many high profile families, and has longevity in her roles. She has been described as being flexible, enthusiastic, hardworking and loyal. A would be an asset to any private household.

A is a confident, reliable, easy going person, with a great sense of humour. She has many interests, including gardening, reading books, going for walks, and travelling. A travelled frequently in her last role.

“She is an absolute fantastic nanny. She is very meticulous, very well organised and goes the extra mile. She was very committed to the family during all her years in here.”– 2021

“She made sure that children were in  a very good sleep routine, eating habits and manners. She also made sure that children always felt supported & secure when parents were travelling which was pretty frequently.”– 2021




Rota Nanny



Rest of UK

Middle East



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10803 – SP

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