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K is outgoing and speaks English and German. She loves the outdoors and reading about Child and Developmental Psychology. She has experience as nursery teacher and as a nanny.

K is educationally focused and plans activities for children to learn through play. She has experience looking after new-borns up until school age.

K suits clients looking for a fun and energetic nanny who is bilingual with much experience and knowledge pertaining to planning activities and outings aligning with the children’s interests and age.

K is convivial, delightful and a positive person. She has a great sense of humour and strong work ethic.

“K is very loving and respectful and knows how to set clear boundaries. She is super honest and trust her whole heartedly. She’s very organized and keeps time well.”– 2020

“She is great when it comes to plan activities from the perspective of the child & from their point of view.” – 2020




Rota Nanny





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10581 – SH

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