Daily nanny

S is a professional and organised nanny, she moved to London 25 years ago from Northern Ireland, and has been working as a nanny ever since. She enjoys cooking, reading, cycling and art. 

S has longevity in her roles, having looked after babies from 6 months old through to teenagers. She is responsible for all nursery duties, weaning  and meal planning, as well as supporting and encouraging  developmental milestones.

S enjoys working for busy London families, she is proactive in planning activities and organising playdates for the children, supervising homework and setting up routines.

S is easy – going, bubbly and energetic nanny. She is passionate about her career and loves working with children. 

“S is nurturing, kind and very in tune emotionally with a child’s needs.”– 2020

“She was very present during the preparations for the 11+ exams, making sure he was studying well, and helping him through this important phase in his life with great, generous care.“– 2017




Temporary Nanny




October 2020

Candidate Number

10461 – SZ

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