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L is mature, experienced, reliable, hardworking and qualified Montessori trained career nanny who adores children.

L has over 15 years of experience with young babies and toddlers in family settings working in permanent and temporary contracts as both nanny and Night nanny.

L works for families in need of an incredibly experienced Nanny with Montessori training who can easily adapt to different family dynamics.

L is a delight! I really enjoyed interviewing her – she’s sweet, smiley, and easy to get along with.

“ L was truly great at engaging my daughter. She is always positive and that translated well to the child. We really trust L, she has always exceeded expectations and never let us down.”  

“ L is an outstanding Nanny and quickly became part of our family. She is warm, caring and a ray of sunshine. She fulfilled her duties impeccably. She is very engaging with the children and it’s clear that she enjoys playing with them and helping them to achieve their next development milestones. ”




Temporary Nanny




September 2020 start

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